Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Goals

Hiii!!! I haven't written or read any blogs since December 15th and I gotta say, I enjoyed the break. It has been go go go all year and so to be able to just sit and do nothing for a few weeks felt really good.

But I'm back-ish. I won't have any monumental projects at the Bradshaw house this year, we tackled the majority of them in 2015. We will be tackling a couple of bathrooms but that's basically it. So house goals are not on this list. Which is ok with me. My goals for 2016 are all personal. I'm not calling these resolutions because I'm not making them a concrete thing I HAVE to do. Whenever I do that I feel like I get discouraged and quit easier. So instead I'm just making a list of goals for myself.

Drink More Water-Easier said than done for me. It's not that I hate water, it's just that it's easier to grab almost anything else that has more taste to it. Soda is the worst for me because I crave that carbonation, but I don't love sparkling water. My goal is to keep a pitcher of water with various fruits in the fridge at all times so it will be more appealing.

Eat/Drink Less Junk-this one goes along side drinking more water. I just want to swap out unhealthy choices with more healthy options. Instead of a can of soda, I'll grab a cold glass of lime water, instead of a handful of cookies, I'll grab an apple with a side of peanut butter, etc. I'm not setting myself up for all the pressure that comes along with wanting to lose -- pounds, I just want to make healthier choices.

Walk More- Now that we have a fenced in yard, it is so easy to let Hudson out the backdoor and let him get his exercise that way. Which is great! But that means we walk less, which isn't so great. So this year I'm hoping to grab that leash and head out the front door more. I think Adele will help with this too. :p

Find More Time for Intimacy in my Marriage-Don't get grossed out yet, I'm not just talking about physical intimacy, I'm talking about pillow talk. Last year we were so busy it got pretty hard to communicate on a level outside of house projects. There were times one of us would say, "oh I forgot to tell you about what happened to me last week" etc. That's not normal in our house, we talk about anything and everything. I'm going to make sure to make more time for that this year.

Cook More-I love to cook and I have a great new kitchen to do so. I'm hoping to do a better job meal planning and grocery shopping. I'm ready to put this kitchen to good use!

Make my Bed Every Morning-I'm taking a page out of Kim's book here. I love her thought process on making your bed. I'm hoping if I do this it will allow me to be more on top of the chaos that sometimes gets started in our room. (ie-50 drinking glasses piled up on our nightstands)

I want to try to remind myself that just because I might have a bad day, that doesn't mean I should quit. Every day is a second chance. Whether its January 4th or September 1st.

I will probably be blogging less this year in an attempt to spend less time on social media and more time being connected at home. It's way too easy to get sucked into a world of comparison, (I'm talking to you Instagram) where suddenly your house feels like a dump and your marriage doesn't seem as magical, or suddenly you might feel the need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cuter clothes for your kiddos because GASP, THEY ONLY HAVE TARGET CLOTHES RIGHT NOW. It kind of makes my heart hurt that these sites that are supposed to make us feel connected often leave us disconnected from our family, wishing we had more, better, different things.

 I've said it before and I'll say it again, I want to collect moments, not things. 

The life we live here in our small town suburb is very different then the life you live. And that's ok. In fact, that's GREAT. Our differences should be celebrated, not compared. Because if we were all the same, how boring would that be?

Whew. Honestly you guys, I have no idea why I got off on that little tangent. :p

The point is, I feel good about 2016. I really do. I hope all of you do, too. Xo