Friday, August 12, 2016

The One Where Brittaney Graduates

Disclaimer: This is basically just one big fat brag post about Justin. So if you aren't into that kind of thing, run while you can. :p

Lately I've been hearing a lot of talk about how girls want to wait to get married until they have "life figured out" or are done with college, etc. I got married when I was 20. Such a baby! But boy am I so glad I did. Justin was with me through some of the hardest days of my life. Some of the toughest days in my college career. I remember once sobbing after pulling an all nighter and being so worried I would fail a big test, I was at such a low point. I was sad and scared and so over school at that point. Justin literally grabbed me and let me cry it out, and then made me get dressed and took me out for mandatory ice cream and a walk around the park. It's stuff like that I just don't think I could have made it without.

Last Saturday I graduated with my B.S. in Healthcare Administration. I was so excited but you know who was even more excited than me?


When we flew into Florida on Wednesday he drove me straight to my all of my favorite places and we crammed in the most fun day date we have had in a long time. In four hours we managed to fit in: Zaxby's, The Mall at Millenia, Krispy Kreme, mani/pedi's and Target (you know, just for the heck of it).

So fast forward to graduation day and I had no idea how much fun he had planned for me until I woke up that Saturday morning. I grumbled that I needed to keep sleeping and he was practically dragging me out of bed so excited to get the day going. He had this little display set up and was beaming from ear to ear. That's when I knew, today was going to be a good one.

Don't laugh, I'm a sucker for Mickey D's hot cakes. :p

I was super nervous at this point so I got down what I could and went to get ready. Then I realized I lost one of my most important camera lenses, so Justin decided to drive to all these different stores trying to find one at the last minute. And then wouldn't you know it, he never ended up using it anyway. *Insert rolling eye emoji here*

Here are some of my favorite pictures he captured from the day:

I looked so hard to find Justin and his parents in a sea of thousands of proud family members!! It makes me smile that he captured that.
Found them! And off to walk that stage!
 I had my phone in my skirt pocket and got this text as soon as I got off the stage. Pure sweetness.

I gotta tell you. There are few moments in life as special as this. Weddings, babies, graduations. Hang on to them so tight. Because they are truly the moments in life you never ever want to forget.

After gradation I requested 4Rivers because we couldn't be in Florida without scarfing down some BBQ amirite????

And Justin had a little surprise waiting for me in the restaurant display case. The sweetest graduation cake I've ever seen!

YEP that's me ugly cryin it up. I wish someone would have snagged a video because this moment was so priceless. 

Look at those red eyes! Worth it!!

Honest to God, best day of my life. We were laying in bed that night and I told Justin he literally made this the best day of my life and he said, uuhhh, what about our wedding day? I said, nope, you topped it dude. (Not even kidding it was the BEST DAY). When I think about it I get all smiley. I really did find the man made for me. He loves me so well and I cannot imagine having to do one day in life without him. Dear god I love this guy more than anything. 

But here's the twist. And my favorite part of the whole day. I very nervously disclosed to him that I felt like I had spent the last five years getting a degree in something I wasn't truly passionate about and that I felt like I wasted so much time and money. I was near tears. I didn't find my true passion until about a year ago. I was so scared that he might be disappointed. All I want to do is design and stage and decorate and design some more. I live for all things interior design. There's so much I want to learn and much more of the architecture side I want to understand. And guess what? Justin's exact words were: you need to do it. I believe in you and if this is what you want, do it. You'll just have two degrees! And just as easy as that, I decided to go on to grad school. All with the support of my very best friend.

I'm a college grad! If you made it this far, you deserve your own award. Because you must really be a true friend of mine. XOXO


  1. Ok. I just love you guys. You love each other so well and I love it. Just love it.

    Congrats to you, my friend. Education is something no one can ever take away from you. You earned it and you are awesome.

    And seriously, the McDonalds setup is my favorite thing ever.

  2. J'avais le plaisir de visiter le blog. Bon courage


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