Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Guest Bathroom Before and After: A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

HIIIII!!! It's been kind of quiet around here lately. We have been trying to get our home ready for our foster baby and finishing the guest bathroom was a huge part of that. We are heading out of town to Florida this week (I'm graduating college, say what??) and I wanted our petsitter to have a nice bathroom to use while she stayed with Hudson. When we renovated our house, the bathrooms were last on that list. They were never terrible, just outdated. I always get so mortified whenever guests have to use our master bathroom because the toilet is from from the 90's and you literally have to jiggle the handle just the right way to get the water to stop running. It makes me all red in the face just thinking about it. :p Also, I am the queen of throwing fits about counter clutter and neither bathroom had any storage space. So this was just necessary to keep my fit throwing at bay. But seriously.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet so on to our guest bathroom renovation! Here are the before photos:

Look at those popcorn ceilings! 

See? Not too bad. Definitely livable. Just dated. Lots of cream fixtures. I envisioned brightening this space up and making the tiny whole in the wall seem somehow a bit bigger. Here are the afters:

 So refreshing right? We have a tiny bit of touch up caulking to do, but this bathroom is DONE. I think Justin was a little nervous about all the white initially, but bringing in lots of wood tones can really warm a room right up. I think it is such a bright and inviting space now.

 Funny story, as soon as we get back from our trip I'm moving in! I think Justin is secretly happy to see me go. I posted this on FB a couple of weeks ago but I don't think I really tricked anyone. They must know that I'd be a hot mess without Justin. He's stuck with me! :p

Justin did such a great job on all of the bigger construction pieces. The little shower shelf might be my favorite part of the whole bathroom. Seriously so adorable. His talent kills me.

This bathroom could have been done for cheaper. But I found this vanity that I just had to have, and then I found a light fixture I had to have, and the list goes on and on. Don't be like me. Save your money. This bathroom cost us almost as much as our kitchen renovation and I ain't real proud of that. Although I do love how it turned out, I fell off the budget train on this one.

Also, I'm cringing a little about the mirror. Do you know what keeps me up at night? Mirrors. I have tossed and turned for a month because of this dang mirror. It isn't exactly what I envisioned for the space but after buying and returning 4 mirrors for various reasons, I'm calling this good enough until I find the one. I like my mirrors like I like my men. Round and rustic. Ok my jokes need work. I'm running on a couple hours of sleep at this point. :p

Light Fixture: Shades of Light
Floor tile: Lowe's
Shower tile: Lowe's (THE WORST PART OF THE WHOLE PROJECT!!! I never want to see another subway tile again. Ever)
Mirror:It's a get me by mirror from Target until I find "the one"
Tub-Home Depot
Wood Planked Wall: We used 6 sheets of sanded quarter inch primed plywood cut into 6inch strips which came out to be around $100. (NOTE: We used plywood instead of regular shiplap because we wanted a cleaner look. Shiplap is much more rustic as we found out from the accent wall we did in our bedroom)
Kohler faucets for vanity and shower: Lowes
Letters & Hooks: Various Homegoods

So who wants to come visit and use our new bathroom?!? What's your favorite part?



  1. I love it soooo much!! Great job you guys!

    1. Thank you so much, Amber! It makes me want to get our master bathroom done now! :p

  2. Where did you find the vanity. I would love one with that many drawers!
    Do you ever wonder what moron designs these to be so low functional for families?

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