Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Banana Zucchini Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl

You guys. We have a groundhog living under our shed. At first I thought it was cute.  Until he started stealing my veggies. Now I daydream about shooting him and throwing him over our fence. I know, I know. That's so cruel. But when you make a raised bed with your own hands and drag 5 VERY HEAVY bags of gardening soil across the Lowe's parking lot and spend an entire day out in the hot sun planting only to come outside and find your goodies have been stolen, well you turn into a crazy person. Don't worry, I won't shoot him. But I am planning to get a trap and take the sucker somewhere very very far away.

So when I came outside and found this in my garden with no teeth marks on it.....

I snatched it up so fast!

Oh and funny story. So much that I do for my blog I don't even think about being weird. Setting up my tripod and taking 3 hours to bake something- compared to a normal person who doesn't document the entire process. Same goes for decorating my front porch seasonally. The neighbors know when my front porch has been changed because Brittaney is out on the front lawn again in every photography position imaginable. :p So anyway, when my husband came home from work and saw my zucchini set up on the counter for a photoshoot I got to see first hand what it looked like to an outsider and it was HILARIOUS. He posted this picture on social media and I laughed for like 10 minutes straight.

So. Back to the zucchini. Do you guys remember that chicken nugget kid? In case you forgot, it was on Wife Swap. He had a crazy obsession with chicken nuggets and his temporary mom was not really cool with it.

Well let's replace chicken nuggets with cream cheese and this is me. Cream cheese. Mmmm. It's like my family. So when I found The Recipe Critic's zucchini bread recipe with cream cheese in the middle I knew I had to try it. And I'm not gonna lie to ya, it did not disappoint.

Gather those ingredients...

Flour those pans....

And mix it like you mean it.

Don't forget to fold in the zucchini!

Would you look at that piping hot loaf? My job here is done.

                                                        Prep Time: 15 minutes
                                                        Cook Time: 60 minutes                                                                                                       
                                                  Recipe  from The Recipe Critic
 *Note- Justin wasn't a fan of this recipe. It was a bit more dense than I thought it would be. I probably won't add it to my recipe book, but I am glad I gave it a shot. If you like a denser bread, this one's for you! I did like it, but am looking forward to trying some other zucchini recipes. I'll report back! ;) 


  1. LOL the zucchini photo shoot!!!! Hilarious! But okay, I have two zucchinis in the fridge....and now I feel like I must bake something. Screw eating vegetables for dinner..I'd rather had this lol!

  2. LOL I remember chicken nugget kid! And double LOL at Justin walking in on the photoshoot!!

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