Monday, February 22, 2016

Pantry Organization

I want you guys to know something: I'm crazy. Oh, you already knew that? Well I mean in a specific way, I'm crazy about clutter. Ask Justin. If something sits around for too long and doesn't find a specific home, it will end up in the trash. This could mean anything. Bills, letters, lamps, whatever. And then sometimes I'll make a donation run and four months will go by and I'm all, I really wish I wouldn't have donated that item because I really need it right now...

I'm not saying my home is Martha Stewart perfect, but as for the clutter the motto in our house is, if it doesn't have a home, it's going in the trash/donation pile. Justin knows when I pile things up on the counter and stick a sticky note with his name on it I mean business. Some folks are ok with stuff stacked on top of the fridge or wherever, but not this chick.

With that being said, my pantry was trying to kill me recently. This picture I'm about to show you are what nightmares are made of.


I mean I really can't deal with this. Not even a little. 

When we moved into our house we didn't have a pantry at all. (New England houses are weird like that) Before I had too much time to cry and complain and throw a BF, as one does, it was Justin to the rescue. He took advantage of the space under the stairs and built some shelves for me. That man rocks my world! :p I would never have found enough room for everything in our kitchen cabinets so this was amazing to me. Now that I cook almost every day, it started getting obnoxious to find certain spices and ingredients. I vowed after the first of the year to organize this space so I could find everything easier and so everything had a home. Mission accomplished! I love this pantry now. If you've been wanting to organize something but have yet to tackle it: JUST DO IT! I hope you read that in your best Shia LaBeouf voice. ;) (If you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and google it. You can thank me later)

Here are the afters:

 Nothing too fancy, but it totally works for us. I originally planned to use a fun wallpaper behind the shelves but I was not very frugal with this project, so I called it quits. I think I got to the point of crazy/no return, I didn't care how much money I spent, I just wanted an organized space. I've seen some bloggers wrap cardboard boxes with fun paper and call it a day, but I wasn't feeling it. I wanted a space that I really loved and just decided to go for it. Although I will say this, the organization products were all found at homegoods and they were a heck of a lot cheaper than buying from Target, so I did save a little from there. You can usually count on me to be cheap frugal with projects but in this situation I would have really had to compromise quality (and pretty looks!). This might sound like the worst advice ever, but sometimes you just have to go for it. Spend the extra money and get what you love instead of spending a little and hating it down the road. I've learned over and over in the last year that you really do get what you pay for.

The whole project cost around $250
Paint-Already had
Crates and baskets-Homegoods/Marshalls/TjMaxx
Organization canisters/popup containers-Homegoods/Marshalls/TjMaxx
Labels for crates and baskets-Target dollar spot
Spice holder-Homegoods/Marshalls/TjMaxx
Glass spice (currently on sale!)
(Target has some glass spice jars in the dollar spot currently for $3, you can't beat that!)

This was a labor of love and going in to find what I need to cook with is a breeze. I could barely move after sitting on the ground for two hours with a funnel switching out the spices. My body keeps trying to remind me that I'm not 19 anymore but I'm ignoring it:p

Just for fun here's another before and after before I have to dash off to start dinner:

I'm going to start inviting neighbors in just so I can show off my pantry. Oh yeah, the kitchen is pretty, but have you seen my pantry? Yeah the builtins are ok, but look at this pantry! :p

I hope you all have a great week! Spring is coming!!! Xoxo


  1. As aways, AMAZING!!! Our last place was the only time we ever had a pantry (besides when I was a kid) and I never realized how nice it was until now we don't have one. I have like food stuffed in cabinets and am always forgetting what I have/don't have. Not fun. Doing it under the stairs like the is such a great idea! And I think it looks nice without wallpaper. Of course, you could always add it later on lol. You always make me want to buy a house and stay put somewhere. I'd die for all those organized/labeled jars. I might have to do that with the spices though. Those drive me crazy! (Did you label those somewhere?)

    1. Morgan you are my truest blog friend!!! I seriously love that I can always count on your comments to make my day. You are the best ever. I need to step up my game because you're making me look bad. :p

      It's funny that I want to make you buy a house and stay put because you make me want to move around more. haha I love that brand new in town feeling. There's nothing like it! But I also know it probably gets old. This kit did come with labels. Just the cheapo kind. They go right on top of the lid, I just didn't share them because my handwriting is truly the worst. ;)

  2. This looks incredible, my friend. I think the wooden crates are my favorite details - are they very heavy?

    I cannot WAIT to have a pantry. I'm seriously going to love that so much.

    1. Thank you so much Kim! The wooden crates aren't super heavy, but aren't cheap and flimsy either, if that makes sense. I love the one on the bottom because it has wheels, and that totally suckered me in. It's nice to pull it out so easily. And thank you about the drawer liners tip, I am totally going to have to look into that! You rock!

  3. Oh and if you ever itch for wallpaper, I've seen some really great adhesive drawer liners at Marshalls/TJ Maxx for cheap. Seems like that could work pretty well and could be cheaper/simpler than wallpaper.


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