Monday, February 15, 2016

How to Become an Author-Kind Of

So Valentine's Day has come and gone and I want to share an actual conversation Justin and I had this year about it:

Last week sometime I mentioned to Justin that I had gotten his gift and I couldn't wait to give it to him. He then said that flowers and candy were a must but he never knew what to get for a gift on Valentines Day. Here's how the conversation went:

J: What am I supposed to get you for Valentine's Day?
B: Nothing really. It's not Christmas. Just something small and thoughtful. No big deal. 
J: Small and thoughtful.....

So do you guys want to know what he got me?

I nearly died. I laughed and told him I would have 100% been fine with flowers and chocolates but man he totally went the extra mile. He knew I ordered a sample of the Kate Spade perfume and loved it so much, he snuck out to get it for me. I was so surprised. It was so sweet. Small (literally, it was a tiny bag) and thoughtful. Oh and funny side note- one year Justin bought me these fancy chocolates and I thanked him but told him I only liked the cheap chocolates (I literally said that) so he could save his money. LOL My mom used to buy us these tiny heart shaped boxes and have them waiting for us at our place at the table every Valentine's Day and for some reason I just love them. They are about the cheapest chocolates out there, filled with fake strawberry and orange cream, but my favorite. Ever since Justin makes sure to get me only Elmer's Chocolate for Valentines Day. :p

For Justin's gift I had a book made from love books and it turned out perfect.

Now who wants to read a story together? Don't worry, it's not mushy gushy. You'll survive. I'll share some of my favorite pages:

 There are a lot more pages, but I didn't want this post to get unbearably long. And besides that, I want Justin to have some all to himself. I feel like I usually overshare on this blog and on social media, and although he never complains the man deserves his privacy. :p

One funny thing about the last page-my favorite inside joke I'll let you guys in on. Justin's middle name is Nathaniel, but when he switched his license over to MA they printed it Nathanie. Now I call him that all the time. The best part is that the name is making its way around and all of his bills are being sent to him as Justin Nathanie Allen. I CANT HANDLE HOW FUNNY IT IS!!!!

I really love this book. It was a blast to make. You can add as many pages as you want and print it as a hard or soft cover book. It would make the best gift for even the toughest to buy for. I'm definitely keeping it bookmarked!

Our Valentine's Day was really special. It started off with a great worship service which reminded me of one of Justin's favorite best qualities, the fact that he is a man of God. We came home and exchanged gifts, napped, and went to dinner. We talked and laughed and I thought about how lucky I was to be married to my best friend.

I hope your Valentine's Day was just as special!


To order your own book, click this link: click here!


  1. Nathanie! Hahahahah! That is too good. And SHUT THE FRONT DOOR how adorable is this book? My favorite page was "I'm going to beat the crap out of him" hahaha. Seriously, how did you think of that?????? I've read a few posts today about little romantic things people did and I'm like, God I suck lol. I need to step it up because that is amazing. Maybe I should take Valentines day more seriously next year. It's not that hard!!

    1. I literally laugh anytime I think about it. It never gets old.

      Ok so that page is one of my favorites too. Justin is like the most nonviolent person you'll ever know. One day he was using the bathroom and I barged in on him and told him a mutual friend of ours was treating his wife terribly. Justin got so mad and was like, "Are you kidding me?! I'll beat the crap out of him!" And I was like uuuhhhh no you wont?? And he said, "I know, I have no idea why I said that". hahaha I'll never forget it!

      You should totally write a book for John. Its so fun to read together, we were just cracking up the whole time. Ps tried that neutrogena wipe and it worked like a charm! Xoxo


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