Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We Bought a House!

     Alternative title: The Home Buying Process from HELL. Could also be titled, We Bought A House and Here Are Our Marital Issues If You Are Interested. (LOL) Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I should change the title because the alternative one just makes more sense. You guys. Buying a home is supposed to be exciting and fun and amazing, and it has kind of been those things, but also kind of not. I want to fill you guys in on some deep dark secrets so if you wanna go along for this emotional roller coaster of a blog post, hop on in and buckle your seat belts, because its about to get crazy. #dramaqueen

     I love Massachusetts. And I hate Massachusetts. All at the same time. Yesterday we celebrated our two year anniversary of living in Ma. I can't believe its been two years since we packed our whole house into a moving truck and drove so far from everything and everyone we had ever known. But I can't stress enough how good it was for us. I celebrate living here because I feel like it saved us. I was so miserable in Florida. And I expected Justin to be able to fix that. I survived just to see his face walk through the door at the end of the day. All of the other times in between I spent hid under the covers of my bed or sobbing into my dog's fur. I hated that I felt so lonely, I missed the seasons and I wanted to cuss at the stupid sunshine. Sunshine. Every single day. It's like it was mocking my need for season changes. It wasn't Justin's fault. It really wasn't. I tell him all the time he picked the wrong girl. I have always hated Florida. When my parents talked about going when we were kids I said heck no. Too hot for this cranky 10 year old red head. The problem is, I fell in love with a boy who has always loved Florida and it just doesn't work.

I prayed to God everyday that it could work, that I could change and learn to love it there. That I could feel like it was home, but I never did. People keep asking when we are going to move back. I get angry sometimes because I just wonder, does my happiness mean anything? Does my marriage mean anything? If they really knew the struggles Justin and I had when we lived there I really think they would stop asking. We were there for 10 days over Christmas and I had the biggest breakdown of my life and it resulted in the biggest argument I have ever had with my husband. Most people fight about money or shopping or why the husband doesn't help around the house. Not us. The one thing we struggle with is where we want to raise our kids and it breaks my heart. We dance circles around the topic and most of the time its the big fat ugly elephant in the room. We have just stopped bringing it up altogether because we know it will get ugly. Justin loves Florida. I hate it. Justin wants to be near his family. I want to be near mine. (Although in all fairness I want to be near Justin's family too. I love them so much. And that just makes this whole process so much harder). I cry when I think about this. Actually I'm crying right now thinking about how over Christmas Justin pulled me into his lap and said "I love Florida but I love you more. And I will always choose you" *cue ugly crying now*

So anyway. We moved to Massachusetts. We got a chance to start our own life together. We found a church we both love. We connected. We healed. We grew. We survived. My heart is so grateful for all of this. But, Massachusetts is not a long term goal. We want to get the heck out of here in a few years and settle down and start a family. We have come up with a decent compromise-North Carolina or Georgia. That way we can be a short drive to both of our families. But thats a whole other story for a whole other day. On to the home buying process from hell. Massachusetts has the nickname Taxachusetts for a reason. This place SUCKS. The money they take from each paycheck is unbelievable. They tax you for every. single. thing. And then on top of that you have to pay a vehicle tax every single year. And the housing is unbelievable. We pay $2000 a month for a tiny apartment. So I'll just let your imagination guess how much we are paying for this house. Hint-it's more than double our Florida home which was way nicer.

Anyway. Man this post is going to be a long one. If you guys are sticking it out and reading until the end, you are my true friends and I love you. :p So we found a house we liked in a neighborhood we loved. We went to the open house and made an offer several hours later because we knew houses in that neighborhood sold in only one day. They accepted our offer and we jumped up and down in the kitchen. However, the selling realtor is the devil. I'm convinced of it. During the inspection we found out that the house doesn't have a fenced yard even though the listing said "FENCED YARD AS OF 2011" so we asked for them to come off the price. We also found out all of the utilities were the same age as the house (1992) and that was not cool with us at all. So again, we wanted to renegotiate. The selling realtor literally said that it was our fault we "read into" the listing and that if we weren't careful they would choose someone else because there were plenty of other offers. They came off the price a little and apologized, but not nearly what we wanted to compensate for all of the issues. We decided to move forward because we loved the neighborhood so much.

Our realtor sent over the paperwork to an attorney to look over. She told us we didn't even really need to look at the paperwork, basically to just sign on the dotted line. Justin didn't feel comfortable with that so he read it all the way through. Well THANK GOD he did because at the very end of the contract in little letters said something in the lines of "the buyers are to pay $4100 to seller based on appraisal" Um WHAT. Nope. Actually the buyers were supposed to pay us $5000 at closing. So we said we weren't going to sign. Our realtor said and I quote "Oh wow, good catch on that" Ok so please tell me why we are paying $900 for an attorney?! Oh right, because Massachusetts requires you to have one. Even if they don't do their job correctly and almost cost us thousands of dollars.

To add to all of this, we just found out we can't use our lender (who is a family friend and has helped Justin get his other two houses) because Massachusetts won't be able to send over the licensing paperwork for another three weeks. I am just sick. This whole process has me so upset, it just hasn't been the experience you would hope for. So needless to say, we bought a house, yaaayyyy. But it hasn't been all rainbows and chocolates on our end. We are ready to close and put this whole process behind us. We are just tired of throwing all of money away on rent, we decided since we'll be here for a couple of years we would like to own. Hopefully nothing else insane pops up so this little house can finally be ours.

I would formally introduce you to our house with pictures, but I have none! I feel a little weird about posting photos of the house since it has all of the owners personal belongings in it, so I'm not going to do that. If you want to take a peek at it yourself you can just google it on The address is 6 Bradshaw Lane Foxboro, Ma. (Calm down people, if we get any stalkers we are gun owners. :p) Here is a couple photos of the outside though, you know, to hold you over. ;) We have big plans for this little house-new hardwoods, painted kitchen cabinets, a stone fireplace with builtins, oh the list goes on and on. We are super excited.

I'm so thankful for this little blog. It inspires me to keep writing when I get emails and text messages from friends telling me how much they love reading. It makes me so happy because its easy to feel like nobody reads my tiny little space on the internet. So thank you for letting me be me. This little blog has been such a great outlet to me. And it means so much that you guys have come along for the ride. I hope you'll stick around for the future too! Hugs friends! XOXO