Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sentimental Gift Idea-Personalized View Master

So each year I try to think outside of the box when it comes to anniversary gifts. We don't do the traditional anniversary gifts, they have just never been our thing. But we still try to keep things sentimental instead of just going out and buying random stuff. This year I found the most adorable idea and knew it would be perfect to give to Justin.

 I created our love story in a personalized viewmaster. I started with a reel from when we first started dating and worked all the way up to our fourth year of marriage. He thought it was so cute and even pointed out how fun it would be for our kids to look at one day which I hadn't even thought of! I am excited to continue to add reels to it over the years! I think these would make a perfect sentimental Christmas gift, anniversary gift, etc. I also think it would be a super cute way to announce a pregnancy to a loved one. The options are endless! Here is the link to make your own:

Happy Gift Giving! The countdown to Christmas is on!

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