Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Living room and fireplace makeover-DIY BUILTINS

Once upon a time we lived in a beautiful custom home on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. That home had stone covering the front of the house that was so beautiful you would spend hours outside petting it. That same stone lined our floor to ceiling fireplace. It was a dream come true. The only thing missing were builtins. But I would never ever get those builtins because that fireplace was strategically placed in the very corner of the room. And that's where this fairy tale goes to die. In the corner of that same living room.

Sorry you guys. I'm all about the drama lately. Anyway, dream shattered, I moved on, blah blah blah. Aren't fairy tales all pretty much the same anyway? But I didn't get my happy builtin ending? What's up with that?

Well I'm here to tell you, that they all lived happily ever after- after all. :p

Fast forward six years to the second we walked into our prospective MA home's open house. I saw the fireplace and practically shouted, BUILTINS! BUILTINS! Justin dragged me away and apologized to everyone who watched my episode. We bought that house and I finally got the thing I've been dreaming about for years.

But before I show you, let's take a look at the before photos, shall we?

We were so excited about closing on our house we camped out on this very air mattress and ate junk food and dreamt about all the things we would do to make this place home. Ahh now I'm getting all misty over here. 

 Are you ready to see our living room now?!? Of course you are!

I mean, can you believe it? Ahhh I love it so much! Right in time for the holidays. I cannot wait to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie while the fire is crackling. I really didn't see this room coming together, but here it is. All dressed up for Christmas and I couldn't be more in love. I also can't say enough great things about Justin. I mean he built me BUILTINS. Also, did you notice the herringbone marble we snuck in? I love it so much. My favorite part is the shiplap. We chose the wide planks and I'm so glad we did. I think it adds a lot more interest to the wall than if we would have left everything flat. You know? I think JoJo would approve. :p

Justin really did most of the work, although I did do the grunt work. (Caulking, sanding, grouting, etc) I was happy to do it because look what I was getting in return! The most stressful part was styling the shelves. I just stood in front of these enormous shelves and cried. Ok not really. #moredrama But you know that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall is standing on the ledge of the roof wanting to jump to the neighbors sweet rooftop with the hot tub but he's too scared to? That was me. I was like, ok I'm going to start styling it nnooow! Nope. Ok, riiiggghhttt nooowww! Nope, not then either. Eventually I just went for it and I think it turned out ok.

I also wanted to take out a section to give the biggest thank you ever to my friend Michelle. She is one of my favorite internet friends, we connected the second I stalked her online and sent her an email a few years ago. (insert evil laugh here) Her and her husband took on this task last year and their posts were so helpful to Justin. In fact, every time I have ever shown him any tutorial on the internet, he always ends up doing his own thing because he finds too many things wrong with it in the first place. But Nate and Michelle have got it going on and we have nothing but good things to say about them. She is a new mom and when I would ask her random things like, what kind of hinges did you use? She would go snap a picture and send them to me when I know she's got far better things to be doing. (Like snuggling the cutest baby). So thank you thank you thank you, Nate and Michelle. Xoxo

Should you build your own builtins? No. Kidding. Yes. You should. Because it really is worth all the trouble. I mean just look at these bad boys. Now listen up kids because I'm about to leave you with one very important life lesson:

Don't grout your tile and then forget about it while you are off writing some blog post because when you go back to wipe off said grout it will be like concrete and you will want to say bad words. :p

So I gotta know, WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Do you love it as much as me?! What's your favorite part?

One more before and after, just for fun:

Merry Christmas, friends! We are taking a big fat break from house projects and I couldn't be more excited about it. Squeeze your loved ones, eat all the sugar cookies, watch all the Christmas movies, and remember the reason for the season. Xoxoxo


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! I always have the hardest time styling my builtins too...why is that so hard?! Enjoy your gorgeous new space! hubby did good:)

  2. It's so cozy! I'm impressed that you all got this done so quickly. You win the Internet today.

    1. Thank you!! Winning the internet seems a little far-fetched but I'll take it! :p

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! Enjoy your time off with family.

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie. We definitely will. You too! Merry Christmas!

  4. WOW! This is incredible and I love it. Also, slightly random, but do you watch Fixer Upper?! This is totally something Joanna would do, which makes me SWOON!

  5. I'm so jealous of your fireplace! Of course with my weather in Florida right now I certainly don't need one. And we are totally gonna camp out on the floor when we close on our house in the next few weeks :)

  6. This. Is. Incredible.

    As soon as I spied the image, I thought it reminded me of Michelle's. Your hubby is so talented. What an amazing and cozy spot to have in your home.

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