Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kitchen Q&A

First of all, wow. You guys are the best. I said this on social media, but you guys truly blew me away when I clicked publish on our kitchen reveal. I received so many comments, phone calls, emails, and text messages. I walked around for the whole day with the biggest smile on my face. You guys rock!

I did get a lot of questions that came with the reveal so I wanted to take the time to address those. Here we go!

Did you guys really do your entire kitchen for $3000?
Yes we did! We didn't include flooring or baseboards into the cost of the budget because those were in budgets of their own since we renovated our entire house. If they would have been included it would have been a bit more. We were very serious about staying on budget since we do not have a ton of wiggle room when it comes to home value. It would not make sense for us to pour $20,000+ dollars into this home because we would be losing money in the end.

Is it hard to paint the cabinets? How did you get rid of the grain?
The honest answer to this question is YES. It was quite the task to paint these cabinets. I threw many fits. I whined about it. I told myself I would never do it again. But the truth is, I would do it again because it gives new life to an old kitchen and it really was worth it. The paint itself is called Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel Cabinet Paint in the color Coast Guard Gray. This color is very similar to Ikea's gray cabinets if that helps. To get rid of the grain we applied some wood filler to the front of the cabinets. We did not care so much about the inside. I just did not want the grain showing through because I didn't want them to look like oak cabinets anymore. The wood filler did help, but it was kind of a pain. After we used the wood filler and sanded it down, we applied 5 coats of paint. We used a cabinet roller instead of spraying. Everyone has their own methods, but it just worked best for us. The grain was still slightly visible around the edges, but no where near what it was and I'm really happy about it. We had a guy from the gas company come out the other day and he just stared at our cabinets and said, how did you get rid of the grain?? So I call that a win. :p

Did you guys build the island?
Justin built the island. We bought one of the nicer butcher block tops from Ikea and he tackled it in a day. I feel like the island needs a little bit more love so I'm actually going to do a post dedicated to the island where I can be a bit more specific about it.

Where did you get your sink? I've only seen expensive farmhouse options. 
We bought our sink at Ikea. It was very inexpensive. Unlike most farmhouse sinks, it sits on top of the counter. I think most people are scared off by that. We were not. $189 compared to $600? That was a no brainer for us. It is a gorgeous sink, I love how big it is and I can't wait to have a baby so I can wash them in it! :p I highly recommend it.

Did you put the small rectangular window in?
The window was always there. It was just awkward and a little ugly before. Justin made a custom sill for it and now I really love it. I actually considered closing the window up when we first started the renovation but now I'm so glad I let him handle it because it is really charming now.

Where did you get your entryway shelf?
I was browsing Michaels minding my own business when I saw this unstained, galvanized cubby shelf in the clearance section. I had to have it. But it didn't have a price. I walked up to the front with it and asked the lady. She already put it in my bag like I was going to buy it no matter what the answer was. I said to myself, be strong girl. If it's more than $10, you don't want it. The manager came back and said, eh you can have it for $3, does that work? Talking to myself again, be cool girl, be cool. Sure, that sounds ok. :p I took it home, stained it, added my own hooks, some cute Ikea plants and now it's the cutest entry shelf I've ever had.

That just about wraps up all the questions I can think of! If you have any more, feel free to ask and I will try to answer them individually.

I started thinking last night about how we might not stay in this house forever and I immediately got mopey because we have poured so much into this little place. I love it so much. It's weird because we lived in a newer, "nicer" home in Florida but I never loved it the way I love this one. I think this house is so much cozier than our Florida home and I am 100% ok with being a homebody these days.

Have you guys put up your holiday decorations yet? Everyday I see more and more holiday decor and it's starting to break me down. The only thing that keeps me going strong is our fireplace project. I don't want to bust out the decor before that's finished. More on that later. Hang in there, tomorrow is Friday!!!

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