Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Landscaping Before and Afters

A couple of weeks ago I got the bright idea that I wanted all new landscaping. This was the plan from the beginning, I just didn't think we would get to it until next Spring. But day after day I would pull into our driveway and hate what I saw. With the holidays coming up I wanted to love what I saw when I pulled up to the house. There was an overgrown Rose of Sharon right in the middle of the yard so our house wasn't even visible from the road. It wasn't in the best shape and its branches were reaching out into the driveway scratching our cars. I just wanted a change. Now we wait for a letter from the HOA. :p

So we used some nylon straps looped around the thick rooted plants and pulled them out of the yard with Justin's F150. #redneck4life

Here are some before photos:

Is there even a house back there???

 The landscaping hadn't come back from the winter yet in these photos, but even full grown I still didn't care for it. The bush/trees in the back really covered up the porch. I wanted to change out the old light fixture and get rid of the screen door. So we spent a weekend doing all of those things.

I have to say, Justin does not want to spend every weekend working on house projects. He would rather be relaxing and giving his mind some much needed rest. He works a very stressful job, is gone from 5:30 in the morning until 6:30 every evening. Yet somehow he still manages to save time for projects and things we ok mainly me:p want to see done at the house. He is such a great husband, I had to brag on him a little.

Ready for the afters??
 We ran out of mulch! Haha Could have cropped it out, but why leave real life out? :p 

 Look! You can see our house! The grass needs a little love, but that will have to wait until spring. It's already gotten down to the 30's at night here! Brr!

I'm hoping the bushes will grow in nice and full and I can't wait to see those flowering cabbage plants bloom in a few weeks. We decided on black mulch to match our house a little better. I spray painted the house number, picked out a new light fixture and Justin removed the screen door. Not a huge change, but I'm loving it.

We will have to replace those cabbage plants in the spring since they are annuals. I realize how crazy that sounds. But I couldn't live one more day with the old landscaping, so if $50 will get us through to the spring, I'll take it.

I did learn a very valuable lesson when picking out my light fixture I though I would share. Sometimes what you want doesn't match up with what you need. I originally bought a cutsey farmhouse light fixture. It had a rustic/nautical feel to it and was just the cutest thing. Justin put it up for me and it came right back down. (God bless that poor man) Here's what I learned. Although my style could be described as cottagey/farmhouse feel, we do not live in a farmhouse. We live in a colonial. I cannot make this colonial into anything other than that. And I decided to stop trying to. Now once you walk in the door that goes out the window. I want the inside to be cozy/cottage/farmhouse vibe all the way. But I just really felt like I needed to stick with a more traditional approach with the fixture because we live in a very traditional home. So lesson learned: don't try to turn something into what is isn't.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the changes? Did you notice the hardware on the garage? That might be my favorite part! I think it adds so much charm.

We got all of our material from Home Depot and it was roughly $1000 to redo all of the landscaping. That was starting with a blank slate, nothing planted at this point. Not too bad if you ask me! Also, Justin laid out all the plants and spaced them where he wanted them. He's got this hidden landscaping talent that totally impresses me!

Have a great week!


  1. It's adorable! Such a huge difference. All your work was totally worth it!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! Poor Justin was sore for like 4 days or more from being on his knees in the dirt. Haha! But yes, worth it!


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