Monday, September 21, 2015

7 Weird Things That Happen When You Move Out of the Midwest

And more specifically, out of the Midwest and into New England.

1. Your heart grows as cold as a New England winter. 

Ok maybe a little dramatic but when I lived in the Midwest, I smiled at everyone. Strangers in the grocery store, gas station clerks, rude librarians (who were obviously from out of state). You get the point. I guess after I moved I got shot down so many times at these dang Shaw's I just decided to give up. Except now whenever someone smiles at me first I drop everything and am all, "you like smiling too???? You must not be from around here, lets be friends right now and maybe hug!!!!"

2. You stop saying pop and supper.
After a million different versions of "what is pop?" and "supper? ok grandma" I just kind of removed these words from my vocabulary. It didn't really happen on purpose. It just got easier to say soda and dinner. Now whenever I hear a midwest friend say those words I feel like the biggest traitor to my home region.

3. You miss the humidity.
Oh did you think I was serious? No. A thousand times no.

4. You miss the drive-in theater.
You miss it a lot.

5. You never stop searching for fireflies.
But then get depressed when you can't find any.

6. You go to every fair with wide eyes hoping to find the brightly lit ELEPHANT EARS sign.
And then walk away defeated when all you see is a sign for funnel cakes.

7. You realize the Midwest will always have a huge chunk of your heart.
And that no amount of heavenly sent New England seafood (seriously the best) could change that.


  1. Replies
    1. I can't find them Kim!!! I saw maybe 2 this summer and I stayed outside for hours looking for them. It's not like the midwest, where you drive by and see the cornfields lit up with nature's little flashlights. I miss it.


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