Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Staircase Reveal

    I'm so excited to finally show off our new staircase! This probably would have happened a lot sooner but we are in an almost 6 week stretch of having company. Lots of friends and family have come to see us this summer and we have been having a blast with everyone! But that also means projects get moved to the side so it really is a miracle the stairs are finished!

Before you scroll down to see the pretty before and after photos theres something you gotta know. This staircase was almost the death of us. You know those shows where everyone is like, so we pulled up the carpet and this beautiful wood was shining through just begging to be refinished, like OMGGG GO US. That was not the case here. Not even a little bit. So this is not the fairy tale story where the carpet was ripped up and this was waiting underneath. Nope. We had to work at it. Big time. And P.S. I don't care who you are and how many people on Pinterest may claim it can be done, you cannot make construction treads on an older home show stairs. You just cant do it. But I'll save that rant for the tutorial.

The staircase was probably harder than anything we have had to do in this house so far. I would rather re-scrape the popcorn off the ceilings, take the chipper back to the kitchen tile and get carpal tunnel, remove baseboards and cut myself with an old nail, buy three cans of paint and get home to discover I don't love the color and buy three more, yep I would rather do all of those things than work on a stair project ever again. It was hard. And I threw a fit. And Justin threw a fit. And Justin doesn't even throw fits. And we yelled. At each other. And at the stairs. And probably at the dog. Basically, this project sucked. But we survived and our staircase is looking reeealll good. Like I just want to sit on it and pet the railings and whisper sweet nothings into the new pretty treads. But don't take my word for it, tell me what you think! Here are the before and after photos:



     Did you notice that we got rid of that terrible boob light upstairs? It feels so much better! I'm thinking of adding a gallery wall going up the stairs, but I'm not doing anything too quick. I want to get things right in this house, so I'm taking my time with every little decision. A lot of people questioned whether or not the stairs were safe because they would be slippery without carpet, but we haven't had any problems. My father in law who happens to have Parkinson's Disease went up and down them with no problem and my crazy dog flies down them everyday when we get home and he does just fine, too. I think it just depends on each individual family and lifestyle you have. 

Just for the heck of it, here's a side by side:

What do you guys think of the staircase? Such a huge transformation right?? I just love it. We are having a blast with this house and I really feel like I'm learning so much. The most rewarding part definitely has to be looking back through the before and after photos. They get me excited to move on to the next room. I hope you guys have a great Wednesday!!

Updated Gallery Wall: View entire post HERE


  1. it looks WONDERFUL. I love the new color scheme. And you styled the table perfectly!

    1. Thank you! That means so much to me. Xoxo

  2. What a transformation! It looks so much better! We have carpeted stairs in an old historic home & I want so badly to rip that ugly carpet off & redo our's too! I know it will be a big ole pain in the rump but it has. to. be. done! I love that you called the old light a 'boob' light...I hate those for the very same reason & we have several to replace in our house too.


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