Friday, May 1, 2015

Meet Our New House-Before Photos

I've been dying to introduce you guys to our new house. Like, dying from excitement, but also kind of dying from nervousness because it's kind of ugly. I tried so hard when we were walking through the house for the first time to contain myself from all of the not so nice comments I wanted to make about the previous homeowners choices in paint colors, fixtures, etc etc. But now that the place is mine I can say what I want about it and what I want to say is, WHHHYYY???!

If I were ever to come face to face with the previous home owners I feel like thats all I would be able to get out. Why? Just why?! I mean there isn't one single wall we don't have to paint because all of the colors are hideous. The outlets are all brass. (FANCY) The fireplace mantel is red. The master bedroom is the ugliest purple you have ever seen in your life (not to mention purple is already my least favorite color of all time so that doesn't help) while the bathroom connected to it is green. I mean. I just don't understand what they were thinking. I say this in the nicest way possible. I am truly just lost. Oh and who adds crown molding as an "upgrade" but doesn't bother removing popcorn ceilings?? Ugh. You guys. We have a LOT of work to do. 

Our lease is up in our apartment June 2nd, so right now we are just working on the new house, not exactly living in it. Unless you count sleepovers on the air mattress and eating pizza while sitting on the floor living. Because we're getting really good at that. Right now its hard to see the pretty. It's hard to picture it being home. Because its just so ugly. But I am trying to be patient and enjoy this process. Justin and I make a great team and we are having a blast fixing this place up the way we want it. With only a little ok a lot of attitude on my part. I'm just bitter about all the extra work these people are giving us by choosing ugly everything. For example, we want to change out the outlet plates to white, but the outlets themselves are cream. So now we have to change the outlets and outlet plates. I mean the list could go on for days. But this is what I wanted so NO COMPLAINING! Ok maybe a little. A girl's gotta vent. 

Ok time for the before pics. If you actually read everything up to this point, you get an extra brownie points for being so dedicated to my nonsense. The rest of you guys probably skipped right to the pictures. (It's ok, I do it too.) Meet the house on Bradshaw Lane!!!
WHYYYYY??? The door AND the trim is painted this color. 

 Soooo..looks like we have our work cut out for us huh?! I know it's not terrible. It's really not. Its got great bones and it just needs a little love. I will say this, for Massachusetts subdivisions are hard to come by. Like REALLY hard. And last fall we happened to drive through this subdivision and I heard angels start to sing and I looked at Justin and I said "we have to live here". I called our realtor and told her I didn't care what time it was-if something popped up in that neighborhood, CALL US. She warned us that it didn't happen very often and if it did they sold in only a day. So just two weeks after we got our pre-approval this little cutie popped up on the market and we made an offer the same day. I am still kind of in shock. I don't love the house, but I love the neighborhood. And since we are only planning to stick around for 5 years or less, it is perfect for us. And in the end we got it for $10,000 less than the asking price, Fist bump to the big guy upstairs for that. We are feeling thankful and excited to fix this place up! Now who wants to plan a visit?!


  1. I can not wait to see what you guys do to your house! I know it will be absolutely gorgeous! :D

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! That's so sweet!

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