Thursday, May 14, 2015

Less competing, more complimenting

I used to have this friend who made me feel like I wasn't good enough. I would meet her for lunch and she would ask, "why did you do your hair like that?" My husband and I planned a vacation and she would say, "you should go here instead".  I got engaged and she looked at my ring and said, "thats it?" It hurt me so deeply. I loved her, but the more time passed the more I realized our friendship was on the toxic side. Her constant remarks were making me question things in my life and I found myself always wanting more. What I had wasn't good enough. I wanted bigger and better things. I wanted to be the person my friend said I should be.

Needless to say, we aren't friends anymore. 

If you spend any more than 5 minutes on social media, its easy to see how women treat other women. Sometimes we can be kind and sweet, but other times we are downright catty, bratty, and hurtful. I saw a woman post a photo of her baby drinking a formula filled bottle and under the comments someone had said something along the lines of "You aren't breastfeeding? You know breast is best right?" 



There is no need for this unspoken competition. We are all on the same team. You know the kind of women who stand out the most? The women who are confident enough in themselves to compliment other women instead of comparing. 

A woman in the grocery store has a cute outfit on? Compliment her.

A childhood friend is unable to breastfeed her baby for various reasons? Uplift her.

An old college roommate just got married and is trying to get the hang of making a house a home? Encourage her.

A mom friend posts an exciting status about her 3 year old finally getting potty trained? Rejoice with her. 

There is no need to tear another woman down to build yourself up. We are all strong and courageous and beautiful. There is not one right way in this life. Let's each find our own individual path and celebrate one another as we do. 

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