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Ballard Designs Camden Tufted Bed Review

    It's been almost a year since we bought our Camden Tufted Bed from Ballard Designs and I thought now would be the perfect time to do a review of the bed. Justin always teases me about my reviews and calls me the review queen. I wear that title very proudly! I look at reviews as a way to vent about my frustrations if I have any, or a way to proudly brag about a product! Trust me, you do not want to get on this chicks bad side, because she will not hold back on :p

    But in all seriousness, I love this bed. And I wanted to tell you why. I'm also going to be honest and share some cons too. Just for fun I've decided to add some other photos of our master bedroom so you can see how things are looking. It's definitely smaller than what we are used to, but it's cozy and we love hanging out in it! 

    Just because, here's a picture of our old master bedroom from our Florida house. I used to complain that it was too small. I want to build a time machine just so I can go back to three years ago and smack myself. 

    This is where I first fell in love with tufted beds. Justin and I made the headboard pictured above and it was great for a year or so, but it was not professional and there were a lot of imperfections. Not to mention that making it was NOT fun and I might have said bad words during the process. I can't remember. All I remember is that I would NEVER EVER do it again. It was terrible. So when we moved and we got ready to take the headboard with us, all the buttons popped off and it was just not pretty. We decided to let it go. At this point in our marriage we had yet to have a real "bed" with a headboard/footboard/etc. We basically had a mattress and a frame. So we got to work on shopping for a bed we would love forever.

    I knew I wanted another tufted bed, I just had to convince Justin that's what he wanted, too. :p I found this picture on pinterest and knew it was the bed for us, but I couldn't find where it came from anywhere. I looked and searched and emailed people for a good two weeks. I was crushed. This bed was my dream bed. I loved the deep tufted buttons and the fact that the footboard was tufted too. Justin even loved it!

    We couldn't find this bed anywhere, so we almost settled for this one from Joss and Main. But I couldn't pull the trigger. It was a great price, but I wasn't in love. The buttons weren't deep enough, I didn't like that the sideboards didn't come up high enough to cover the whole mattress and there was no dreamy tufted footboard. It didn't have the best reviews, either. I couldn't do it!

Eventually we found a tufted bed pretty identical to the one we loved at our local furniture store. It was $3000. YIKES. But we almost paid that price because we just wanted our bed search to be over and to finally have a real bed to sleep in at night. I decided to give one more try at googling the crap out of my dream bed when Ballard Designs website finally popped up. There was my beautiful dream bed in all its glory, waiting for me to add to cart for only $800. They were having an anniversary sale and everything was an additional 30% off on their website. You guys. I freaked out. So the bed saga finally came to an end and this slice of heaven went straight into my online cart. Here it is in all its beauty today: 

Dear Bed, I love you. I am never letting you go. Thank you for finding your way into my Google search after a month of searching for you.

Here are some updated photos of our bedroom now-if you just want the review scoop on the pros and cons, scroll to the bottom. Although I can't wait for the day we have a master suite again, I do love this little room and all the personal details we've added here.

    Pretty cute for a teenie little thing, right? My favorite part has to be the sheet music I had printed off to go on each of our nightstands. It is actually a song from our wedding. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

    Ok now the fun part, the review! I'm going to start with the pros.

    *This bed is absolutely beautiful. Look at it. I have never owned such a nice bed, ever. I don't think I will ever get sick of it. I think it would look great in any bedroom. It's so cozy.

    *It's neutral so it will match whatever color choices we might have in the future.

    *It is custom made for ever order and is a very high quality product.

    *It is linen so it has more of a relaxed feel. I think the velvet tufted beds are too fancy and wouldn't match any of our stuff. I love the linen look and feel.

    *Great price, even without the 30% off.

    *It's not too tall, but not too short either. 

    I could go on and on, but those are the most important pros you need to know about. Here are some of the cons-


    *Since it is custom made for ever order, it took almost four months to get to us. 

    *Ballard Design is a great company, but they definitely need to work on their customer service department. If you read other reviews from other people on their Facebook page you will read the same thing.

    *This color is called Off-white twill. We originally wanted Oatmeal, but all other colors are considered specialty and cost a lot more. Not only that, but any other colors are absolutely non returnable. Since we had never seen this bed in person, that made us nervous. (We also didn't want to pay more money for a different color. Kind of dumb in my opinion) Since it is such a light color, you can see dust and dirt more easily. So if you have a black dog who sleeps in bed with you every single night, this might not be an ideal color for you. 

    That's it! That's all the cons. You guys. I can't say enough how much I love this bed. If you have contemplated getting a tufted bed, I would absolutely recommend this one. (As long as you are ok with all the cons I mentioned) I love it as much today as I did the day it was delivered to us. I think it's a timeless bed, too. So in 10 years, I still think I'll love it! What do you think? Have you contemplated getting a tufted bed? We were torn between tufted and wood, but I'm glad we went with this one! 



  1. Hi, Brittaney! First off, we're SO happy to hear that you love your new bed. It looks so gorgeous in your space, and we hope you continue to enjoy it for many years to come! Secondly, we'd like to get a little bit more info from you about your experience with our customer service department. If our team was lacking in any way, we'd like to know so that we can improve! Do you mind sending your information to so that we can find out what happened? Thanks so much!

    - The Ballard Team

    1. Thank you for the comment! We do love our bed! I just sent you an email regarding our customer service experience. I hope you have a great week!

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  4. I have Euro Shams, would those be too high for this bed? I'm nervous the headboard won't be high enough...

    1. Hey Erin! I do think Euro Shams would cover up a lot of the bed. But it's worth getting rid of them for this bed! :p Ha! Good luck!!!

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  6. It has too high?I was wondering if my son 4 months old would be dangerous to the bed.And even when he grows up.Please give me some advice first

  7. My wife and I are talking about getting another bed and this is exactly what she wants. I understand it's pretty, but is it worth the price tag? I mean, we are just using it to sleep. I do think it is nice looking and I really enjoy the way you designed your bedroom. Maybe I will let my wife get the bed after all.

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