Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Do you know what I like? I like planning parties. I like it even more when it's a surprise party. I think it is so much fun. If there weren't so many creative DIY people in the world, I may try to be an event planner, but I honestly don't think I would make much of  a living doing that in the Pinterest world we live in now. Bummer.

My dad turned 60 last October and so I planned for almost a year to throw a surprise party for him. (I don't have any excuse at all as to why I'm just now blogging about this.) My siblings pitched in and helped me throw the thing together. Planning a party from 1,100 miles away is harder than you think! I love how it turned out. We had it at my childhood best friends house and it was the perfect day for an outdoor party!

My dad showed up in his hamburger shirt ready to go out to dinner with my brother, but instead was met by 20 of his closest friends and family. It was priceless! We ate, played games, opened presents and enjoyed the 50 degree weather. It was an amazing day. Here are a few shots of my favorite details from the evening.

My dad works extremely hard every day for everything he has. As a teenager you think money grows on trees and that asking dad for money is no big deal. Years later I found out that every twenty dollar bill my dad ever gave me came right out of his teeny bit of security money. When I was old enough to realize how this all worked, I cried. My dad is such a giving, kind hearted man, we just really wanted to give back a little after all the giving he's done for us. I hope his 60th birthday party is a day he will always remember.


  1. Found this surprise father’s birthday party really awesome. My father will be celebrating his 50th birthday next week. So planning to throw a surprise birthday party at one of LA venues. Want to make his special day memorable one.

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