Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodbye 2012.

I love celebrating the New Year. It's probably in my top 3 favorite holidays. Is that weird? There's just something about the feeling of bringing in a new year. Everything is fresh and new, kind of like you can't mess anything up. Even though you may not have met all your goals in 2012, you can stop being so hard on yourself because it's a new year! With new beginnings. At least that's what I tell myself when I realize how much I slacked off on my New Year's Resolutions. :p

2012 was a good year. However, I didn't get as much accomplished as I initially told myself I was going to last New Years Eve. SO maybe if I write down my New Years Resolutions and post them on the internet, I'll feel more accountable for them! Yeah, we'll go with that.

New Year Resolution's 2013 

1. Take better care of our home. 
I'm new at this house wife thing and sometimes I'm still not very good at it. For example, we just got home from a two week trip to Indiana and there's luggage to be unpacked and things to be dusted and dishes to be put away. Instead of doing those things I'm writing about how I need to be better at doing those things. See how that works? But I'm determined in the new year to get 'good' at this house wife thing. I'm gonna nail it, darn it.

2. Be a better wife. (less sassy)
I have a confession. I am a sassy pants. I am embarrassed to admit this one. Sometimes if I don't get my way I whine and complain until things DO go my way. Looking back on all the times I did that last year is just pathetic and embarrassing.  lol I really need to work on not doing that. I do pride myself on being a good wife, but I want to be better. (doesn't everyone?) and not be such a sassy pants, also. I think I'm gonna nail this one, too. Check back with me in a month. 

3. Take advantage of my gym membership
I've had a $20 a month gym membership for over a year now. It's a pretty good one, too. It includes a personal trainer, tanning, and I can bring a friend whenever I want. I haven't stepped foot into a gym since before our wedding when I promised myself I was going to get ripped so I could look smoking hot without any clothes on. Well, that didn't happen either. BUT. It will happen this year! I have a goal of visiting the gym at LEAST 3 days a week. I want to take better care of my body and now is the time to do it! Also, if I don't start going Justin is going to make me cancel my gym membership because you know $20 a month adds up and that's money we could be putting toward something else. 

4. Be a good person
I feel like I'm generally a pleasant person to be around. I'm kind, giving and easy going. However, you cut me off in traffic or shoulder check me in the grocery store and I get a little 'moody'. I am determined to be nice, even to the jerks who cut me off in traffic and the meanies who shoulder check me in Publix. DETERMINED I tell ya. Because I really do try to be a good Christian. Sometimes, I just don't think I try hard enough. 2013 is my year, I just know it. ;)

What about you? What are your New Year Resolution's? Do you make any? I think they're fun! And challenge us to go above and beyond. I was going to say 'Blog more' but I think I might let myself down on that one. :p

Hudson's New Year Resolutions:

Nap more and pee on his leg less. (long story)

I think he's off to a great start. ;) Happy New Year!!!!