Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Snowman Wreath and Decking of the Halls

Do you want to know a secret? I can't ever say the word 'wreath' on the first try. I get wreath and reef mixed up for some reason and anytime I have to say the word 'wreath' for any reason at all, I end up taking a two second pause to think really hard before I speak. "Oh shoot, I don't want to sound like an idiot. Is it wreath or reef? Where is your Christmas Reef section? No that's not it. DARN YOU WREATH!" Seriously. This is the stuff that goes on in my head. I'm supposed to be an English major you know.

Woo. That felt good to get that off my chest. Anyway. I've been skipping out on the blog party for a while now because I have been up to my eye balls making bow tie dog collars. But I'm here! Just in time for my favorite subject of all, Decking the Halls DIY style! Christmas is really special to me. My mom has always called me her Christmas poster child and I've always been proud of that title. I always start the Christmas music way too soon and put away the decorations way too late. I just love this time of the year! I live in dumb ol Florida now though and that really puts a damper on my Christmas spirit. So I try my best to decorate my way through it. Here's what I ended up making for the next Dare to DIY challenge:

A snowman wreath! I wish I could say I thought of this idea by myself, but I don't really have the free time to be doing that right now. I found a similar wreath on Pinterest and I fell in love immediately. Joanns was having 60% off all their wreaths so I bought three, connected them with floral wire and dressed him up in stuff I already had around the house. Seriously I smile every time I get to the front door. 

Justin feels bad for making me fall in love with him, marrying me, and then making me live in Florida so he added some fake snow to the windows to make me feel a little more at home. It helped, a little.

Isn't that snowman wreath adorable?! I seriously wish I had come up the dang idea on my own. I will leave you with some Christmas decoration photos to end this already too long blog post. Can't wait to see everyone else's ideas!!!

                             Fla la la la la la la la LAAAAA. :) Merry Christmas from Hudson's House!