Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1st Year Anniversary Trip Highlights

Are you ready for a boring post full of mushy gushy pictures and boring facts about nothing important?! I thought so!

(At this point I'm fully convinced that my dad is the only person that actually reads this blog, so at least I know he'll get some enjoyment from this. ha!)

Justin and I celebrated one whole year of marriage yesterday. They told us it would go by fast, but I had no idea how fast time would really fly! We wanted to do something special. but not too expensive because we will be heading to Indiana for two weeks during Christmas and already have a Chicago trip planned during that time, too. So we settled on Atlanta. I'm so glad we went! We packed in a whole bunch of fun within the two days we spent in Georgia. Including visiting Justin's aunt and uncle who live on the way to Atlanta. We can always count on good food, laughs and lots of warm and cozy feelings when we visit with them. 

We stayed at the PeachTree Plaza in downtown Atlanta. It was super nice and our room had an amazing view! 

It was very hard to say goodbye to this view!

The top floor has a really cool restaurant that moves while you eat so you can a view of the entire skyline. It A full 360 degrees within an hour. Pretty neat!

We went to the Coca Cola Factory and got to see how the robots filled up the coke bottles. We even 
got to take home our own old time coke bottles for souvenirs! We got to taste over 60 different kinds of coke products from around the world. I remember I really liked Asia's and really hated Europe's. It was really neat to see the difference in styles. Some sodas were really fruity and others were really bland. North America ultimately has the best flavors. Which is a blessing and a curse, I think.

The aquarium was our favorite part. It was HUGE. There was so much to see, it closed before we even got to see everything. That was a bummer, but we are still so glad we went! The dolphin show was amazing. (Not better than Sea World's, but close!) 

Sea dragons, baby otters, and us hanging out in the penguin tunnel.

They wouldn't let us take any photos during the dolphin show. Bummer! It was seriously so amazing and for some reason we got in for FREE! That was an exciting bonus!

We spent some time in Centennial Olympic Park which is the area the 1996 Summer Olympics took place. 

(Justin was the one who came up with the leaf art, just in case you were wondering)
The location we stayed at was really nice because everything was within walking distance so we didn't have to pay $22 every time we left the hotel. So we walked. The weather was perfect and we got to experience something Florida doesn't have-FALL! It was so gorgeous!

We found a really nice steakhouse downtown called Ted's Montana Grill. I think this was the highlight of the trip for Justin. We tried Buffalo for the first time and it was really good! Justin had the Buffalo strip and I had the Buffalo Fillet Mignon. YUM.

We were pretty pooped after a full day of walking and acting like tourists so we got dessert and headed back to the hotel. Donuts and hot cocoa. This is why Justin and I got married. We are perfect for each other. We are perfect and also, a little pathetic. *OH and Krispy Kreme donuts are a million times better, just in case you were wondering.*

That was the extent of our trip! It was short and sweet and tons of fun! We would definitely go back. 

For our anniversary we spent the night in. I made Justin a steak dinner. He came home from work sweaty and gross with flowers and a card in hand, got a shower and came out of our bedroom in dress pants, shirt and tie. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I made a cheesy toast over dinner and cried like a little girl. We reminisced about our wedding day a year ago. It was perfect.

I did have time to make him this really cute etch-a-sketch ipad cozy. I found the tutorial on Pinterest. He loved that cheesy ol thing!

I love traveling, but I hate leaving Hudson behind. He was very happy when we came home. He picked up right where we left off. CUDDLE TIME! My favorite part of the day. :)

Anniversaries are FUN! Maybe even more fun than birthdays. I haven't decided yet. My birthday is next month, I'll let you know how I'm feeling then. ;)

                                                               Happy Tuesday!!!!


  1. Very cute, I'm glad you enjoy your anniversary, I love them too!!!

    1. Thanks, Moraima! Yes, they are so fun! Can't wait to get to year 2! :)

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